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Swegon Gold RXHC range

This Packaged heat pump air handling unit offers full flexibility in control and design to provide conditioned fresh air direct to the room or air-conditioning system.

A solution with energy and simplicity in mind.

Any occupied space requires the correct quantity of outside air to displace any stale air and create a fresh environment.

By utilizing heat pump technology and heat recovery, Swegon’s fresh air systems provides a cost-effective and energy efficient way of installing a 100% fresh air system with a balanced extract.

Key Advantages of Swegon Gold RXHC

• Compact Footprint

• Energy efficient.

• Modular constructions.

• Inverter compressors.

• High efficiency speed regulating sorption thermal wheel.

• Advanced controls with remote key pad.

• Extensive range.

• Integral heating and cooling.

• Plug and play configuration.

• Patent defrost system.

Technical Information

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Technical Drawings

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