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Cor Sustainability

A study has been undertaken in order to compare the COR Synergy to traditional VRF systems.

COR Sustainability

A study has been undertaken by a leading consultant in order to compare the COR Synergy to traditional VRF (refrigerant based) systems. For a sample hotel project, the COR Synergy was compared against VRF with gas fired boiler and VRF with ASHP with respect to:

• Building Regulations Part L performance
• London Plan section 5.2 performance
• BREEAM point score

COR Synergy


VRF with Gas Boiler

The findings of this study were that:

• COR Synergy achieves 25% reduction on Part L, compared to VRF with air source DHW which only achieves 16% reduction (based on the current Part L carbon factors).

• COR Synergy achieves 64% reduction on the London Plan. VRF with Gas boilers is no longer a compliant solution, based on the new carbon factors required by the Greater London Authority (GLA)

• COR Synergy has the potential to unlock at least 1 additional BREEAM Point.

Under the 2013 Building Regulations, all developments should demonstrate compliance with Part L. Part L Criterion 1 states that the calculated CO2 emission rate for the building (the Building Emission Rate, BER) must not be greater than the Target CO2 Emission Rate (TER) which is determined through the National Calculation Methodology.

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