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COR Synergy
Features & Benefits

Built with the future in mind, Cor Synergy has many key advantages.

COR Synergy Features and Benefits

Built with the future in mind, Cor Synergy has many key advantages.

No Refrigerant within the system

• Avoiding expensive leak detection systems in accordance with BSEN378.
• Reducing overall refrigerant charge.
• Reducing the risk of fire within the occupied space.

Hot Water Production

• Capable of producing the buildings hot water requirements.
• Free hot water during any cooling operation.
• No gas requirement for heating purposes.

Simultaneous Heating & Cooling
with Heat Recovery

• Total heat recovery on the entire building.
• Optimising control, efficiency and flexibility.

Reduced carbon Emissions

• Significantly reduces building carbon emissions for space heating and hot water.
• 23% reduction on the target emission rate.
• Reduced risk of carbon offset payment.

Low Noise

• Indoor units sized to meet project-specific acoustic requirements.
• Acoustic packages for outdoor units.
• Multiple fan speeds from EC fan coil units.


• Ideal for Cat A and B fit outs.
• Add additional units without effecting the system.
• Change over boxes suitable for Horizontal and Vertical installation.

Extended Operational Range

• Low-temperature operation down to -20c.
• Patented quick defrost cycle.
• Continual heating whilst defrosting, avoiding cold drafts.

Simple Installation & Maintenance

• Simple network wiring.
• All control components centralised.
• BACnet set up for remote commissioning.
• Complete packaged system.

Simple Design

• Converts a 4-pipe cooling and heating system to a simple 2-pipe system
• No pipework limitations
• All controls and valves external to fan coils, for neat installations on exposed service designs

Room Control Stability

• Terminal units sized to meet room sensible and total cooling loads.
• No leaving air temperature issues associated with VRF systems.
• Rapid changeover between Cooling & Heating operation (less than 30 seconds).

The COR & COR Synergy Technical Support

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