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Combining VRF's simplicity, chiller comfort control and renewable heating technology, SWEGON has developed the COR and COR Synergy, offering the best of each technology, with many additional features and benefits.

COR and COR Synergy, is the true alternative to traditional water and VRF systems. The last few decades have seen the growth of VRF and the demise of traditional chilled water systems. With buildings facing tough new legislation the use of VRF systems and traditional HVAC plant has meant new designs and solutions have become a necessity.

Combining a Muti functional 4 Pipe Heat pump and the Cor, creates Cor Synergy another major advantage over existing systems and eliminating the use of boilers. Another major disadvantage of traditional climate system is the dysfunctional process of ordering the different components from numerous companies. Utilising the Cor as our central pillar, Cor Synergy omits these issues, offering an entire water-based system under one supplier.

Key Advantages of COR Synergy

• Energy efficient hot water production.

• Reduced materials and installation costs.

• Single point of supply and responsibility.

• District heating ready.

• Simple integrations with BMS systems via BACnet protocol.

Key Advantages of COR Synergy

• No refrigerant within occupied spaces, BSEN378.

• Reduced refrigerant quantities over VRF systems

• Reduced carbon emissions.

• Removes the requirement for gas boilers.

• Full heat recovery across the entire building.

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