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Discover The COR & COR Synergy

Cor and Cor Synergy, the true alternative to traditional water and VRF systems. The last few decades have seen the growth of VRF and the demise of traditional chilled water systems. With buildings facing tough new legislation, the use of VRF Systems and traditional HVAC plant has meant new designs and solutions have become a necessity.


What is The COR

The Cor is a variable water valve kit, which allows you to convert a 4- pipe water system into a 2 -pipe system.

Technical Information

Explore our comprehensive analysis of the new Cor & Cor Synergy range, combining VRF’s simplicity, chiller comfort control and renewable heating technology.

Technical Drawings

View our detailed drawings and schematic diagrams for a better visual understanding of the system.

Discover COR Synergy

COR Synergy

What is COR Synergy?

Combining a Muti functional 4 Pipe Heat pump and the Cor, creates Cor Synergy another major advantage over existing systems and eliminating the use of boilers.

Features & Benefits

Built with the future in mind, Cor Synergy has many key advantages.


Cor & Cor Synergy were made for flexible installation with an extensive range of products.


Simple integrations with BMS systems via BACnet protocol make Cor Synergy easy to control.


From reduced carbon emissions to a lower use of refrigerant, Cor Synergy promises to be a more sustainable alternative to other systems.


Take a glance at our informative presentations which outline everything you need to know about Cor.

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Feel free to download our technical guide to our new Cor range, highlighting all the best modern technology EasyAir has to offer.

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