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Free Cooled Chillers

Zeta Echos FC

Air-cooled water chiller with free-cooling, hermetic scroll compressors and plate evaporators 44-144kW.

Zeta Rev HE FC

High efficiency, air-condensed free cooling water chiller unit, with scroll compressors and plate heat exchanger 46-146kW.

Tetris FC

The TETRIS FC range, with scroll compressors and free cooling system, uses the eco-friendly R410A refrigerant. Substantial energy saving, high performance and low noise system contribute to the success and position of TETRIS FC on the national and international market 100-530kW.

Tetris W FC NG

TETRIS W FC/NG is a free cooling chiller for indoor installation that integrates uncoupling exchanger, 3-way modulating valve, inverter-controlled pump on the source side and advanced software for management of the system and of the remote air exchanger 40-640kW.

Kappa Rev FC

High energy efficiency free cooling chiller, with screw compressors, also inverter-controlled, and shell-and-tube exchanger 320-1300kW.

Kappa V Evo FC

Chiller with integrated Free Cooling air/water with semi hermetic screw compressors and tube bundle evaporator 327-1186kW.

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