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Close Control Units


The Coolblade range is specifically dedicated to Data Centres, in applications characterised by “hot aisle” and “cold aisle” layouts or in systems with containment and separation of the hot part from the cold part 6-26kW.

Data Tech

Precision air-conditioners that guarantee safe working conditions for data centres, computer rooms and other technological applications that require a high level of sensible heat elimination and precise temperature and humidity control 6-220kW.

Data Tech+

Datatech+ represents the state of the art as regards efficient, precise and reliable cooling of Data Processing Centres, small and medium-sized computer rooms, laboratories and technological environments in general 6-96kW.

Data Tech PFW

Datatech PFW represents the ultimate expression of power and efficiency reached in air conditioning units for large computer rooms. The maximization of the heat exchange surface, the separated fan section housed under the raised floor and the advanced control logic make Datatech PFW the ideal solution for various data centre layouts 70-260kW.

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