Easyairhandling units are manufactured by one of the leading Italian Manufactures - Loran SLR to Eurovent certification

Loran was founded in 1994 by members with thirty-year experience developed the field of Airhandling Units. 

​The ambition was to produce machines which could create a sense of well-being and comfort in any working or living surrounding.



Production facilities include latest CNC machinery for precision manufacturing and accurate build quality




Unit sizes are very flexible and offered over a wide range of typical air volumes (0.10m3/s to 50m3/s) with a multitude of unit construction and heat recovery options made available.. All air handlers are manufactured using the latest engineering technology to produce high quality AHUs.



We also offer specific ranges that include stainless steel for clean rooms and harsh environments along with a fibre glass range for the food industry.




All units offer Eurovent Certified performance and satisfy current EcoDesign compliance regulations (2016)


Design features available include :-

Aluminium Penta-Post framework offered as standard, other options include Fully Stainless Steel construction units for high specification Hospital or Pharmaceutical type applications and Corrosive / Coastal atmospheric conditions.

25mm, 50mm or 63mm thermally insulated casing panels available as standard, with further acoustic and thermal break options available on request

Mineral Wool or CFC Free Foam panel infill materials offering a wide range of thermal and acoustic panel performances

Unit Mounted Attenuation and High Performance Acoustic panels (‘FONOSTOP’)  for acoustically sensitive projects

Direct drive fans (plenum or centrifugal type, EC or high efficiency AC, PM motor options)

Side or Front Withdrawal Filters (including Panel, Soft Bag, Rigid Bag, Carbon, HEPA types)

Heating coils (LPHW or Steam)

Electric heaters (Staged or Proportional control via Thyristor)

Indirect and Direct Gas Fired heaters

Cooling coils (Chilled water or Direct Expansion)

Steam humidification (Direct or Self-Generating – electrode boiler, resistive, gas)

Modulating or Shut Off type dampers

Single and High Efficiency Double Plate Heat exchangers with or without bypass (free cooling)

Thermal Wheels (Sensible, Hygroscopic, Desiccant, Enthalpy types)

Heat pipes

Run Around Coils

Adiabatic Cooling or Humidification

Integrated air to air heat pump for cooling or reverse cycle operation

Fully packaged ‘plug and play’ option with Integrated controls & BMS interface

Integrated DX system

Interior lighting and viewing options, specially designed base frame options, non standard colours available

Pitched weather roof as standard on externally mounted units

Units available in modular or Flat-Pack / Kit-Form construction where project specific site conditions apply


Whether you require indoor or outdoor AHUs, side-by-side or stacked AHUs, roof or floor-mounted AHUs we can assist.

We can tailor make AHUs to meet your specific requirement and include the following



Volumetric Testing

Leakage Testing





ISO 14001