The company LMF of the Ferraro Group, designs and manufactures equipment and units for air-conditioning, heating and air-treatment systems.


Founded in 1980, LMF Clima distinguishes itself for its ability to develop skills and processes, with the aim of ensuring the highest quality of its products.

Time has given reason to LMF: In 1996 LMF designed its first complete line of air treatment, thereby becoming an essential reference point

to those in the sector.



After 30 years ofexperience, LMF carries out its designs on a surface of 10.000MQ with state of the art machinery and equipment and offers solutions which meet the needs of an extremely demanding market, where the ratio of Quality/price is the discriminating factor.


The will to introduce itself as a valued and proactive partner, one willing to attentively evaluate various new solutions that technology has to offer is LMF’s main aim.